The concept of gender selection


In my many wonderings around the internet I came across the concept of gender selection, or trying to sway the chances of conceiving a baby of a specific gender.

Apparently there are so many different methods out there and some of them sound just plain crazy. You get different diets, exercise, when to have sex…

Apparently the girl sperm survive better in acidic environments so eating acidic food is supposed to mean you conceive a girl. Also it seems as if you need more magnesium, calcium and folic acid for a girl.

Also there are people who believe that baby girls require less calories so a low calorie diet that advocates eating no breakfast will ensure you have a girl.

There is also a school of thought out there that believes men who don’t drink coffee and drink beer are more likely to have girls because they have higher oestrogen levels.

Other things that ‘sway’ pink are Vitex and vitamin B6.

Then there’s the Shettles method which states that because female sperm are fatter and slower than male sperm, but live longer in the female body (in fertile conditions) that have sex further away from your ovulation date will result in a girl.

With faster, shorter-lived male sperm having sex closer to ovulation means you will have a boy.

I don’t know how I feel about all this. I’m the first person to admit that the thought of having a little boy terrifies me because I have zero experience with boys. None, nada, zip, zilch. The first boy I ever really got to know is my husband. I have sisters and only one male cousin – boys are very foreign to me.

That said, I am a little more terrified of eating (or not eating as the case may be) something that will compromise the health of my baby, no matter the sex.

I am absolutely against depravation diets as they compromise the body’s metabolism by putting you into famine mode. What this usually means is that when you start eating normally again you will gain weight. Also if this kind of dieting is prolonged your metabolism doesn’t always recover.

The Shettles Method seems more sensible to me, but what if you miss time your ovulation and you miss your window. Is it not better to just have sex and conceive than risk it because you want a girl? Although the safer method there still seems to be a big con here.

And really do we have any business trying to influence the gender of the baby we conceive? What happens if you sway for a girl, but get a boy anyway? Are you going to love the child any less? Will you be so disappointed that this influences how you interact with your child?

I believe in more of a come what may approach. Yes, I will need a lot of adjustment for a boy, but he will be my son and I will love him no matter what.

I don’t know. I find the concept fascinating and will do more research on it.

Has anyone out there swayed for a gender and gotten it right? What method did you use?


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