Getting ready to get on the plane

Wow! We’re one step closer to getting on that plane and starting our incredible journey.

Turns out everything in my body is functioning just fine and Operation “Let’s Make a Baby” should start in the next week. Geez, I get chills just writing that sentence!

This is the fun part and I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now. I’ve promised myself I am going to be young and have fun and not stress about stupid things. So far, so good!

My hubby seems to be getting into the spirit as well. I get emails with links about what you need to buy, and he casually drops baby related topics into conversation. It’s very exciting.

We’ve been doing some work on our house for the past two weeks.

We’ve had our mezzanine loft area extended into a full floor and that should be complete tomorrow. The reason for this is the room we planned to turn into a nursery is currently our study/home office and we had nowhere to move the computers and other paraphernalia. So after a lot of deliberation and brainstorming Hubby and I finally came up with a workable solution to our space problem – create more space.

There has been a lot of dust and banging going on in the house. But I’m excited for it to finish. It’s going to look awesome when it’s done!

So that’s where we are in life. I’m about a two weeks away from starting the two week wait. The refrain “it’s so close!” keeps ringing in my brain.

I’m trying hard not to get all caught up in the excitement. I’m still a bit nervous about setting myself up for disappointment. But it’s hard.

How do other women deal with this? I suppose I’m one of the few that takes the phrase ‘planned pregnancy’ way too seriously. The whole ‘we’re trying’ thing is far too ambiguous for me…

So most days I find myself on a seesaw that swings wildly from excitement to apprehension.

What can I say? I’m an overthinker. I can’t turn it off.


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