My ovaries have never been so popular

There is only one baby in my circle of friends so far and it’s safe to say that his mama is very much looking forward to having someone join her in the mommy ranks.

Couple that with the excitement both my parents and in-laws displayed when we told them we would be trying for a baby this year and all of a sudden my ovaries are the centre of attention.

It’s a little weird to be honest. I’m flattered by the attention (because who doesn’t love attention right?) but still…

A couple of week ago at a party we were asked when we would actually start the fun part of trying. The starting line has always been April for us and we’ve been pretty open about it. So when we told them they all joked about sending my husband good luck texts and such. It was all in good fun but it got me thinking afterwards.

I’m not feeling pressure per se, but there is a definite fear of disappointing people should all not work out. I know this is completely irrational. Firstly the person who will be most disappointed is myself and secondly I know I will be surrounded by support and love and understanding.

So I’m making an effort to enjoy this phase, not get stressed out and most importantly not over think it.

I’m especially enjoying all the advice, tips and tricks we’ve been receiving. And in the spirit of full disclosure I welcome it from all avenues. I mean come on I’ve never done this before! It’s daunting and more than a little scary while being completely thrilling and exciting.

So any fertility and conception tips and trick out there? I would love to hear about it.


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