The Journey begins: packing stages


I can’t think of a better way to kick of my pregnancy journey than with a delayed ovulation. (Can you detect the heavy sarcasm? My frustration levels are reaching new heights!)

I was looking forward to moving out of the planning stage of this journey and into the packing stage. Seems like I’m stuck in the planning phase for now.

Like any long journey I believe that pregnancy requires forethought, planning, research and awareness. Then a really well packed suitcase to see us through to the end of the journey.

Well, it’s my metaphor and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been planning this journey for over a year. I decided I wanted to have a baby last year.

This was a very big and personal decision for me as I have always been very intimidated by children. For the longest time was the one that would run screaming at the sight of a baby while all the other females in the room would coo and smile. For the longest time I was convinced I would never get to the point where I would want kids.

Then a funny thing happened. I turned 26. I’m not saying this was a direct contributor; just that I grew older (or rather up). I became comfortable with myself, I was in a fantastic relationship that was looking to stand the test of time; we were married for over a year. All the pieces started falling into place and I have always believed that when the universe speaks like that you listen.

The only problem is the timing wasn’t quite right. So I set about playing the waiting game while maniacally planning everything (I’m a huge believer in research). A large part of my year was convincing my husband that we should start trying and when he agreed I went off birth control.

And a good thing too, because I was one of those people who had a bad time of this process.

A lot of women go off and that’s that. Oh no. Not me. I did have a period for three months, developed adult acne (which I am still battling with almost a year later!), experienced the worse PMS. I swear I felt like I went through puberty all over again! It was a rough few months. I have stabilised now, a fact I’m sure my husband is really glad of. I felt like I was a nightmare so I can’t imagine how the poor man felt.

We are fast approaching our deadline and the excitement is mounting. I’m in my last cycle before we start actively trying. And then bam! – no ovulation. (I know this because I’ve been tracking my basal body temperature – remember the research and planning comments?) So now I’m waiting again to see when this will happen. It’s going to put my period back a few days. Not a crisis but frustrating you know?

So while I wait for Aunt Flow I take comfort in the fact that journey is about to begin (fingers crossed) I have bought the plan tickets, researched hotels and stops I plan to make; all that’s left is to get on the plane.


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