Getting dressed in the second trimester – winter edition


I have faced some dressing situations this pregnancy, that I did not experience last time around.

Last time I was early pregnant in winter and by the time I was sporting a substantial bump it was spring already and I had a whole host of other challenges to deal with. This time I have had to struggle through finding appropriate clothing and it’s made me realize, each season needs its own set of rules.

So here are my top tips for dressing the bump when your second trimester is in winter:


  1. Maternity jeans – when you will be spending the majority of your pregnancy in cold weather get yourself some maternity jeans. They are pricey but they will save you. I could not have made it through this trimester without them. I wear them daily I really liked the GAP underbelly straight leg jeans, the H&M jeans and these jeggings from Mr. Price. I’m lucky to work in a very casual environment. If your needs require dressing up more invest in some nice work clothes. Cherry Melon has some great options.
  2. Layers – My biggest struggle this trimester has been being too cold one minute and too hot the next. I find myself putting on layers then taking them off throughout the day. My general formula is tank or camisole, long sleeve tee, jersey or sweatshirt, scarf. On very cold days I will add a button down shirt under my jersey and wear tall boots. I really loved wearing vests as well as these could keep my torso warm, but it was balanced out with my arms being out. All this allowed me to take off a layer or two when I overheat and put it back on when I’m cold. I also found wearing knee-high socks under my jeans helped a lot.

  3. Flat shoes – My back got really sore early on in my second trimester and I could wear even the smallest block heel anymore without being in extreme pain. So flat shoes were the way to go. Most days I wore sneakers on cold days I had a choice of two pairs of flat boots – one black and one brown. Those people who wear heels throughout pregnancy either have super powers or they just wear the shoes for the pictures. I really admire you if you can, but I can’t. Flat shoes all the way.

  4. Be prepared – I would organise all my outfits for the week on one side of my wardrobe. This bad getting dressed in the morning so much easier. I would just grab the hanger for that day and throw my clothes on. I really struggled to get going in the mornings so taking some of the guesswork out was really helpful.
  5. 20180715_092017Buy some things in larger sizes – For the most part, I have stuck to maternity clothes this trimester, but I did find a few things were fine just in a larger size. My everyday t-shirts that I wore underneath my outer layer all came from Pick n Pay and were cheap and cheerful. A similar maternity top was three times the price and I thought that was really silly. I also bought a couple of button-down shirts in a size up and these worked perfectly. They were relaxed fit anyway and looked great with jeans and layered under jerseys and sweatshirts. A few of my jerseys were also a size larger. Just remember that knits will stretch out and don’t have a great recovery – so you will have to chuck them after pregnancy.





Baby H #2: 19 weeks


We have now reached what I consider to be the halfway point of this pregnancy. Willow was born at 38 weeks and my Doctors expect a very similar timeline with this Bubs as well.

It struck me again the other day what a different pregnancy this has been, and now that Bubs is moving more, I am starting to pick up on many differences between her and Willow in utero as well. It’s fascinating.

My doctor says I am feeling more movement because I am smaller this time, but this baby feels so strong to me compared to Willow at the same gestational age. I felt Willow for the first time at 18 weeks and A felt her at 20 weeks. This time I have felt movement from 15 weeks, A felt her at about 16 weeks or so and I am already seeing her move from the outside now. Willow also used to like to be spread out (she still does, I never knew something so small could take up so much space), while Bubs feels like she’s all curled up and keeps to a very small area. This means my stomach is a completely different shape.

My focus is starting to shift from being pregnant and getting through this phase of life to preparing for a newborn. I am still trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible. This will be my last one and I’m soaking it up. But I am very aware that in a few short months there will be a newborn in our lives again. My brain is full of lists of things I need to get in order from nappies to baby gear. It’s exciting and terrifying, odd and familiar all at the same time.

I have started a small collection of baby toiletries, Luckily we still use a lot of the same products on Willow so my stash is in good standing. I’ve also started rearranging the house. I have been meaning to get stuck into our cupboards for the longest time and this was just the push I needed. That nesting instinct is strong!

How far along? 19 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Grapefruit

Total weight gain/measurements: I still measure 84cm around, I have definitely plateaued in belly growth. My scale at home puts me at 58kg, which is what I weighed at my last Dr’s appointment and when I fell pregnant with Willow. So far so good.

Maternity clothes: I have very few non-maternity items left in my wardrobe.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet

Best moment this week: We bought some storage boxes and I repacked the under the bed storage we gained when we bought our new bases. I have empty cupboards for the first time in years. What is life? I also had a wonderful brunch and girl’s morning shopping with my friend which was very much needed.

Miss anything? Not that I can think of at this moment. I’m sure as I go about my day there are plenty, but when I stop to think about it nothing comes to mind.

Movement: Baby girl is so busy. I am getting a lot of really strong jabs and rolls. She doesn’t like to be squashed so if I sit too far forward I get reminded that she’s there and needs more room. Willow felt her for the first time the other morning and got really excited. She does the typical baby thing where she moves around at night when I want to go to sleep.

Food cravings:  I had the weirdest desire for sushi the other day, but not so strong I felt compelled to do anything about it. I feel I’ve been pretty good from the food front this week. I’m working hard to fight those sugar cravings. I read a scary article about sugar and the effects on babies and I’m even more determined now.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, I feel great. I have awesome energy during the day,, just very tired at the end of the day

Exercise: I was still recovering from being sick last week, but I know getting moving makes me feels so much better so I made it my goal to try work out a bit. I got in a great strength workout, a walk, and a yoga session. This week I’m aiming for a workout every day.

Gender: A girl!

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling good this week. I’m over my illness, I have the back pain under control through exercise and I’m sleeping well, relatively speaking. I feel very cumbersome in general and find myself compensating for the bump when I move about. I got heartburn for the first time in ages the other day as well after a very rich dinner. But some Tums sorted that out. I have noticed some digestive issues, which I think may have been caused by the antibiotics. It’s coming right now, I have been eating plenty of fiber and probiotic-rich foods to help. Mostly I’m enjoying myself now. My hair looks great, my skin is clear, my nails are strong. I feel good.

Belly button in or out? In but flat. Very soon it will be poking out

Wedding rings on or off? On and comfortable. Not as loose as before, but still wiggle room

Happy or moody most of the time: I’ve been pretty happy this week. I had some moments of weepiness on Saturday. I have no clue what that was about.

Looking forward to: seeing Bubs at the anomaly scan on Thursday. This is a big one during pregnancy and I’m looking forward to seeing how she has developed and grown.



Willow at Three and a Half


I was reminded by Facebook this morning of celebrating Willow’s half birthday three years ago and I actually couldn’t believe the time has flown by so fast! Seriously, where has the time gone?

It’s also a little hard to believe that in six months’ time I will have a four-year-old and a two-month-old. How crazy is that?

So much has changed in the past six months. It’s crazy how fast kids grow and change. Willow is doing a whole lot of fascinating things and most days with her are an absolute delight. I say most because let’s face it, this parenting gig is hard. It’s even harder having to balance a busy older child with a pregnancy and I suffer a lot of guilt on the days that I am not my best. It’s extremely difficult when I’m having a bad day and so is Willow. On those days I wonder if I’m crazy to be doing this again and I doubt whether I can handle two kids. But we muddle through as best I can and the next day is usually better. That’s the thing, isn’t it? Just give it time, things are always changing.

Philosophical moment over, here’s what Willow’s up to at the moment.



This one is a firecracker let me tell you. We’re right in the middle of figuring out how to effectively discipline bad behaviour while not squashing her spirit. Because spirited she is!

She has developed a bad habit of demanding things and it probably stems from being overindulged. But ‘I want’ is a commonly heard phrase in our house. We have now implemented the rule that she cannot have anything if she doesn’t ask nicely for it. It’s starting to take effect but I can see that this will be a lifelong battle. I now have flashbacks of things my parents used to say to me and my sisters when we demanded things and I have a whole new appreciation for what they went through. Yeah, it’s not so easy raising polite children.

Willow is extremely competitive and wants to ‘win’ all the time. She is always racing around shouting ‘I have to win!’ I have no idea where this comes from.  It may be genetic as myself and my sisters are all really competitive. I always thought that came from having siblings. Maybe I was wrong? We’ll have to see where this goes and if it needs to be addressed. For now, I think it’s pretty harmless but I guess we’ll see.

Fun loving is definitely a prominent trait we are seeing come through now. She loves to play, as any three years old should. She is always building things with blocks, jumping on the trampoline, climbing jungle gyms, singing to herself from sun up to sun down. I am always amazed at her repertoire of songs. Willow has always loved music and maybe I’m super biased here, but I think she has an innate talent for it. When she sings I can pick up the tune of the song immediately, she has wonderful rhythm and dances to the beat of the music with perfect timing. The other day we were in a toy shop and she was playing with the guitar and piano toys and the way she held them was pretty perfect. I think we may need to get her to music lessons pretty soon. It’s definitely something I’m looking into. She also loves art and messy play and we try to encourage her with that as much as possible.

She is a very curious child who loves asking questions and learning new things. She is fascinated with my sewing machine and loves to sit on my lap and help me sew. She takes the pins out and sticks them in the pincushion. It’s very sweet.

She also loves photos and wants to take pictures all the time. She pinches my phone and walks around taking pictures of everything she sees. She has a pretty good eye too!


A Willow masterpiece

She is furiously independent and wants to do everything by herself, even the things she’s still too young to do. We try to let her do as much as she can. She has a step in the kitchen so that she can help herself to snacks. She gets herself dressed in the mornings and evening will little assistance, gets her own bath ready and more.


The nest part of all the cleaning is that Willow is playing with toys she hasn’t played with for ages.

Achievements and milestones

When we received her school report she scored well for all her developmental milestones. She is counting to ten and working on going beyond, she knows all her colours etc. She needs a little more practice drawing dots and cutting with scissors and she needs to work on throwing underhand and catching a ball (we’ve already seen a lot of improvement in this area in just a week or two.) All of these things only need to be fully integrated by the age of six, so we’re not worried.

She still eats very well. She’s becoming more adventurous with food and tries all sorts of flavours, but she definitely has her favourites. She eats as much as I do and sometimes more. There are days where I just cannot keep up with her appetite.

As far as sleep is concerned we still have our challenges. I think she’s ready to drop her daytime nap. She handles the day incredibly well without the nap. On weekends, we don’t bother with it at all. I find she also goes down best for the night without the nap and will be asleep by 7/7.30pm. On school days when she sleeps at school, evenings are a lot harder. Then she will only go down at 8 or 9pm and she gives us a real run around. I have spoken to her teachers about it and we’re going to try to find a solution. Because her whole class sleeps at school and she goes down for the nap without a hassle. It just plays havoc with nighttime sleep.

She also has a habit of coming into our bed in the middle of the night. She wants to come to cuddle and I will usually have her at around 1am. We move her back to her bed and she stays there till morning. I need to address this as it’s harder to fit her into the bed between A, the pregnancy pillow and myself. We are getting a new bed and that should help. But the disturbed sleep is hard for me with the pregnancy and with a newborn coming I think it needs to be sorted out. Truth be told though, I love the cuddles. She’s so big and independent now that cuddles are harder to come by.

Her vocabulary is pretty amazing right now. She produces words in the right context and I have no idea where she learned that. We’ve reached the parrot phase where she will repeat what we say. So we have to watch ourselves a b more lest she picks up a bad or inappropriate word. She speaks in full sentences of often 15 to 20 words. She does mispronounce a fair amount, but we correct her gently where needed. I have also seen her self-correct on quite a few words where last week she wasn’t saying it right and then all of a sudden she was. Some of the words I let slide because they are too cute. She calls my vitamins ‘bittamins’ for example.

That’s all I have to report for now. I’m really looking forward to see how she adjusts to being a big sister. I think she’s going to rock it!


Baby H #2: 18 Weeks


Wow, 18 weeks was a doozy. It started out so well and all went downhill on Wednesday afternoon.

I was chugging along quite happily for the first part of the week. I had been really productive and was very proud of my efforts. I had two really good workouts and headed off on Wednesday after work to run some quick errands.

When I got back home I noticed I was feeling quite tired and fuzzy but put it down to being 18 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t feeling up to a workout, so I decided to cut a sewing pattern and take it easy.

Come 4pm my throat was really starting to hurt and by 5pm I could hardly talk. A had to take over dinner and bedtime for me because I felt so sick. I took myself off to bed, but couldn’t sleep because I was in some pretty intense pain.

On Thursday morning I decided I had better see a doctor. I figured there wasn’t much they could do for me, but book me off work. But a few days of rest would really help me out.

I dropped Willow off at school and phoned for an appointment only to be told that my GP was overseas. So I had to call around to see if there was someone else I could see. I was lucky to get an appointment at a nearby health centre.

We went through the exam and to cut a long story short I was diagnosed with what he said was ‘the worst case of strep throat I’ve seen in a while’. Fabulous. I was recommended to go on a course of antibiotics and cortisone to clear up. So then I had a mad dash to get hold of my OB to see if the antibiotics prescribed were ok for me to take. Luckily, being under 32 weeks, she didn’t have an issue with it.

So I there I was booked off work for the rest of the week, sick as a dog, 18 weeks pregnant and on antibiotics. It was not fun, let me tell you. I am very grateful that the meds kicked in quickly, but it has taken me a lot longer than normal to recover. I still feel a little slow and fuzzy.

We were supposed to go see my parents this weekend and that had to get postponed due to my illness. It was bitterly cold this weekend, so being bundled up indoors was good for all of us, except Willow who was ready to climb the walls by Sunday afternoon. It was quite eventful.

How far along? 18 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Pomegranate

Total weight gain/measurements: I still measure 84cm around, although I think I will start getting bigger from now. My scale at home puts me at 57.6kg.

Maternity clothes: I have very few non-maternity items left in my wardrobe.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet

Best moment this week: To be fair? The moment the pain meds kicked in and I could sleep, eat and drink pain-free. Also, Willow sleeping the whole night in her own bed ranks pretty high up there.

Miss anything? A strong immune system and seeing my parents.

Movement: Tons of movement and I am feeling her a lot higher up now. Previously all her movements were low in my abdomen, but this week I feel her below my belly button. She is contently on the go and so strong.

Food cravings:  Rusks and tea. This cold weather is not great for healthy eating.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, I feel great, just very tired.

Exercise: I started the week out strong with a great strength workout on Monday and a really good walk on Tuesday. I managed some gentle yoga on Sunday afternoon because my back was killing me from the lack of movement while I was sick. So I’m counting three workouts as a win.

Gender: A girl!

Symptoms: Just when I thought my boobs couldn’t get any bigger they go through a growth spurt. I am rapidly outgrowing bras and they are the biggest they have ever been! I don’t know how people with big boobs manage. My back pain has been better with more exercise, yoga, in particular, is helping a lot. It’s also improving my posture, which helps as well. Other than that this week has been consumed with trying not to die from Strep throat.

Belly button in or out? In and very flat. I’m pretty sure it will pop out soon.

Wedding rings on or off? On and comfortable. Not as loose as before, but still wiggle room

Happy or moody most of the time: This has been a mixed bag week. At the beginning I was happy, the end I was very tired and lethargic.

Looking forward to: feeling like my old self, getting over this sickness and getting back to being busy and productive.

The Month that was June 2018


This month has been both a challenge and quite exciting.

We had some drama with a few of our appliances breaking down and needing to be repaired. These were vital to the everyday functioning of our homes such as the dishwasher and washing machine. So trying to get through a few weeks without them was hard. It’s amazing how much we’ve come to rely on these everyday conveniences.

We also had contractors in our home renovating our bathrooms which was all kinds of exciting! We’ve been talking about doing our bathrooms up for the longest time and we decided to take the plunge before the baby comes. They look spectacular! I’m so happy with the result. Work started in the first week of June and the final touches were only complete right at the end of the month. So there was a lot of banging, clanging, and dust!

I also had my monthly OB-Gyn appointment were we confirmed the sex of our little one. In case you missed it, we’re having another little girl!

 I’m looking forward to seeing what July brings us. I hope that it will be more time with friends and family and seeing our little one grow.


Sewing – I reunited with my sewing area and it feels amazing! I made a handful of maternity things and I am pleased as punch with them. I made a pair of maternity jeans and have plans for another pair soon. I also made a dress and some tees. I am quickly growing out of a lot of my wardrobe so these came at just the right time.


Making – I have continued with my knitting as well. It’s something I enjoy doing in the evenings. I am making Willow a sweet little, striped jersey using my favourite kid’s pattern. I also want to make one for the baby as well.

Cooking – a lot of veggies. I have been trying to fight off the cravings for junk by making plenty of healthy meals. A big thing in our home right now is soup. I have made plenty of veggie soups to warm us up on chilly nights.

Drinking – Plenty of water. I find I am thirsty all the time.


Hoping – That my nesting urges will continue so that I can get my whole house in order. So far I have cleared out the kitchen cupboards and sorted and rearranged all Willow’s toys. We’ve been holding onto a lot of stuff that we are just not using and it’s time to let stuff go. The bathroom renovation has inspired me to lighten the load and I’m keen to get stuck in now that I have my house back.

Loving – my afternoon walks. I have to bully myself into going, but I’m always glad when I do. I put my music on and power walk around my neighbourhood and it always makes me feel so much better. I love seeing the changes the neighbourhood goes through seasonally and how the pretty all the gardens are. I live in a really pretty area, which helps a lot.


Hating – dust. It is everywhere and it is playing havoc with my family’s sinuses. A had a major infection earlier this month and I followed shortly after. Getting ill when pregnant is the pits because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. I’m looking forward to our house being dust free.

Buying – baby things. I may have broken down and bought a few cute items for Bubs. Nothing major. I went through Willow’s old stuff and saw how much we can use again. But a few cute onesies and blankets have definitely caught my eye and I was helpless to resist. I also bought a diaper clutch, which I am super amped about.

Watching – I have been binge watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Hulu and planning my one day trip to the States where I will eat all the food.


Sporting – I am living that maternity life right now and I am so comfortable. I have found quite a few really nice things and I’m really grateful for how far maternity wear has come in this country since I had Willow.

Laughing – at myself mostly. I am already making all the sound effects when moving about and bending down with my legs braced to make room for the belly. I’m not sure if this is muscle memory or if I am really that big already. I feel huge, that’s for sure. But I’m in love with the bump already. It’s different from Willow’s bump and that fascinating to me. I’ve now reached the part where I’m having fun and remembering why I love pregnancy.

Admiring – Our beautiful new bathrooms. It’s a bit surreal to be standing in a space you have dreamed about for so long. Not only are they beautiful but they are functional too with a lot of new storage. It’s a dream come true.

Thinking – about post-maternity leave child care. I’m going back to work just as winter kicks off next year and that worries me a little. I’m not sure what the best solution is at this point, but I have a while to ponder it.

Decorating – Our new bathrooms. We got gorgeous tiles, finishes and more. But I think the most exciting purchase has been these toilet seats. They have a soft close function and a kiddies seat built in. It is held to the lid magnetically and will fold down when needed. It also clicks on and off for easy cleaning. It’s so clever! Whoever came up with this is a genius. We’ll soon have two small children who will need it and I think they’ll be well used in our home. I have plans to buy new decor touches here and there. Seeing as I’m not decorating a nursery this time I’m pouring all my energy into the bathrooms.

Realising – that I’m not as cold this winter as I usually would be. My little built-in furnace has kicked in nicely. I still dress in layers, but I seem to be the only one at the office not shivering during the day. Baby perks.

Planning – what we’ll need for bubs. We have a lot that we will totally be reusing, but I do have a few new purchases in mind, mostly things that weren’t available when I was pregnant with Willow. It’s crazy how fast this is all going. I feel like November is around the corner!

Needing – to get a handle on pregnancy weight gain and exercise. I feel like the weight gain is worse this time around and I’m at a loss as to what to do about it. I’m working out more, and more now than and I did before I was pregnant. My doctor and I think it may be muscle gain. One can only hope.



  1. The Essence A Million Nude Faces eyeshadow palette is lovely! The shadows are so buttery and pigments. It was around R60 and I have been so impressed with the quality and versatility.


2. Catrice Slim’Matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil in light is such a surprise. I bought it on a whim in Dischem and I have been mightily impressed. The colour is spot on for my brows, it is nicely pigmented and easy to control and it stays all day long. It is just a tad soft so you will run through this quickly, but at R50 I’m not that phased. This is a good one.


3. Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer is finally a part of my collection and I get the hype! This has been such a joy to use. It’s very soft and blendable and looks lovely on the skin. I think it will work better for me in the cooler months though as I like something a bit darker in the summer.



  1. I am very proud of my handmade Style Arc Andy maternity jeans. These are more of a straight leg style, which I am enjoying and they are easy to wear and comfy. I will definitely be making another pair soon.
  2. My go-to outfit formula this month has been a pair of jeans, a fitted top or jumper and ankle boots with an infinity scarf. Layers have definitely been the way to go when getting dressed every day. I’m a big fan of these brushed poly spandex tees from Pick n Pay, which are not maternity. They are soft, warm and look really cute.

Baby H #2: Week 17


While things on the home front have settled down a lot, this week was a lot from a work perspective. It all started out so well but got really hectic towards the end. I was more than ready for the weekend, that’s for sure.

We did have some exciting news though. A and I have decided to get a new bed and I’m so excited. I can’t wait for it to arrive. We’ve been looking into storage bases and talking about a new bed for a long time and we finally saw a really good special that we decided to take advantage of.

I love the idea of a storage base because we have things we store long term that just end up taking up cupboard space, especially as we don’t have a garage to put things in. Now we can put things like seasonal clothes and shoes, baby clothes and suitcases under the bed. I can’t wait.

We’re getting a queen for our guestroom. We just bought the base as we will move the mattress from our room to the guestroom because… we’re getting a King! Yes! So excited. You know you’re an adult when…

So for us, we’re getting a brand new mattress and new linens. We went to a fancy store that has this special mattress that analyzes how you sleep and where your pressure points are. It then recommends a mattress based on your needs.

The one we bought feels like sleeping on a cloud and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I really hope the extra space and the new mattress will help with my back pain.

How far along? 17 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Navel Orange (140g and 13cm), although our scan showed she was measuring a week ahead.

Total weight gain/measurements: I felt as if I had reached a plateau for a while in terms of growth, but this week I have felt enormous. I currently measure 84cm around.

Maternity clothes: I have very few non-maternity items left in my wardrobe. This week I bought a few new pairs of shoes because I cannot wear heels anymore, it kills my back.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet

Best moment this week: We had a wonderful weekend with A’s parents the previous week. We went to Disney on Ice, had a few great meals out and did a spot of shopping. This past weekend we saw my parents and friends. It’s been great to touch base with all the people in our lives after a very busy period.

Miss anything? A full night’s sleep with zero interruptions. We’ve been struggling with Willow coming into our bed at night for a while now and its starting to wear very thin. I’ve forgotten what a full night of sleep feels like. I guess it’s good practice for when Bubs gets here.

Movement: We have a very busy little person on our hands. I’m feeling her at least once a day if not more. Previously it would only be when I was lying in bed or on the couch, but the week I have felt her consistently while I’ve been sitting at my desk at work as well.

Food cravings:  Not so much this week. I’ve felt pretty stable. I hope this continues.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, I feel great, just very tired.

Exercise: This week has been slow and I feel really bad about it. I see how the lack of exercise really affects my mood and energy levels. I have just been struggling to make time for everything and exercise was the main area of sacrifice.

Gender: A girl!

Symptoms: Holy back pain! I have a really sore back most days, especially at the end of the day. I don’t wear very high heeled shoes anymore, but even my small block heels make the pain worse, so they have to go now too. I also feel like I’ve grown in girth a lot this week, even though my measurements say not. And my boobs have had another growth spurt. I will need new bras soon. One weird thing I’ve noticed is that my leg hairs are growing a lot slower. I was epilating pretty regularly before falling pregnant (I haven’t in a while due to increased sensitivity) but my legs feel smooth for up to a week after shaving. It’s awesome! I also my skin feels drier and I am getting tons of itchiness on my belly and boobs.

Belly button in or out? In but flat

Wedding rings on or off? On and comfortable. Not as loose as before, but still wiggle room

Happy or moody most of the time: I’ve been feeling down and irritable this week and I think the lack of sleep and exercise are definitely to blame.

Looking forward to: seeing what July brings. So far the month is shaping up to be quieter for us. We are visiting my parents and A’s cousin will be having her baby, but that’s all that’s on the agenda so far.

June makes and July Sewing plans

My sewjo is back in full swing and I am stoked. I have made quite a few things in June and I’m really happy with all of them.


This has been the month of the maternity Agnes. I have made one dress and two tops, the second of which just squeaked in as I finished it on the 28th. I made a navy and white striped cotton jersey dress, a white t-shirting top with drawstring and a floral rayon spandex top with sweetheart neckline. I have pretty much cleared all non-maternity items out of my wardrobe, so I am very grateful for these.


I also made a very nice pair of Style Arc Andy Maternity Pants that I am calling a ‘wearable muslin’. They fit, but the fabric didn’t have quite enough stretch. So I’m making a ‘real’ pair with better quality stretch denim from Fiona’s in Randburg.

I planned to whip up a few Sadie and Sam Hadley leggings using fabric from my stash for our little girl coming in November, but I never got around to it. So I am moving these over to next month. I have made these before for Willow and they are a very easy make. Luckily I still have plenty of time.

I have drawn up my list for my July Sewing plans. And I seem to be quite a list!  Sew here’s what’s on the table at the moment:


I have one more maternity Agnes dress to add to my collection, this time in a beautiful, soft grey rib knit. I am very excited to put this together. I have decided to make it in a size smaller due to rib knit being so stretchy and I can see so many ways to wear it. Having made this pattern so many times before I anticipate it will be quick to put together.


Next up is those Andys from stretch denim. I enjoyed this make last time, it was quick and simple. I’m pretty confident it will be just as fast this time, if not faster. The fabric is washed and ready to go.


Then I have some lovely navy Rayon Twill earmarked for the Blank Slate Patterns Forsythe Trousers which I chose as part of the Sew My Style challenge. I decided to go with these as I feel they will be maternity and postpartum friendly due to the elasticated waistband. I also love the look of them.


I also want to make a Kimono. I was stuck between the Helen’s Closet Suki and the Sew Over It Kimono jacket and I decided to go with the SOI one. I missed the discount code for the Sew My Style challenge last month, but I managed to score a SOI promo which kind of tipped the scales in its favour. I want something that will work as a nice layering item in the spring. I have a lovely piece of chiffon in my stash as well as a gorgeous length of navy and navy floral rayon. Leaning towards the rayon, but I may end up making both. I still want to make the Suki, but I’ll give it a whirl at a later date.


Finally, I found the most delicious grey/green stretch twill which will be perfect for the Allie Olsen Lonetree Jacket View B. I have felt the lack of a utility vest in my wardrobe for a long time and now is the time. I struggled to find an open-ended zip in the right colour, but I came across this lovely maroon one that goes very nicely with the colour of my twill. I also got twill tape in the exact same shade. It was meant to be! I’m very excited for this project.

I know that five items will be quite the challenge. I am giving myself plenty of grace. If I get it right then that’s awesome. If not I will move them on to next month, although y sewing wishlist is growing longer by the day!

Baby haul

Wow, it feels like forever since I did a baby haul and at the same time it feels like yesterday.

This whole pregnancy has been messing with my sense of the passage of time. Everything is so familiar and foreign at the same time.

So here it is, my first baby haul of this pregnancy. I treated us to a few goodies; I couldn’t help myself. I’m going to try and keep it to a minimum though, as we don’t really need all that much. The beauty of a second baby is that all the big stuff we already have. So I don’t need to buy a pram, car seat, travel cot etc. This leaves all the fun stuff!

The fun part of having another girl is that I kept a lot of the things Willow had and I’m excited to use them again. I recently went through all the boxes I have been storing just to get a picture of what I have hanging around. I love the idea of the two of them wearing the same stuff. I feel super sentimental about a lot of the outfits and I’m excited to see them on a baby again.

I spotted a few gaps and that’s what I’m working on filling now. My girls are going to share very similar seasons, but I think Bubs will have a little more cold weather to contend with. So she needed a few warmer things to wear, which is what I got her.

So here’s a rundown of the purchases I have made so far.

New born

Looking at what I have I noticed that I don’t really have any long sleeve onesies and sleepsuits in newborn size, everything is shorties. November is still springtime for us and can be temperamental. We always get a really cold snap and I thought it best to get a few things that were nice and warm for her.

I got a few long sleeve onesies and sleepsuits from Jet in newborn. I didn’t go overboard, just three outfits and some stock standard onesies. But at least it’s something.

6 – 9 months

The most shopping I have done so far is in the 6-to-9-month category.


I have bought a few long sleeve onesies for layering and I will need to get some more. These ones are from Pick n Pay and they are so soft and lightweight.

I also got two tracksuits from Edgars. These were so sweet, I couldn’t leave them behind. They are made from brushed cotton so they are really warm. She will be going to daycare in the mornings so I want her to have something nice and cozy.

Blankets and things

I found this awesome diaper clutch at Dischem. It’s from Snuggletime which is a great brandy. I’m so happy I found this. I have been looking for something like this and this is the most affordable and the prettiest one I found. It’s great for tossing in your handbag or car for one the go changes.


This beautiful waffle weave bamboo blanket is from Baby City and I cannot wait to use it. It’s so soft and snuggly!


I also got two flannel receiving blankets. These are from Snuggletime too, but I found them at Edgars. I love the prints and we own no blankets like this.


I have a few things on my wishlist that weren’t available when I was pregnant with Willow. These are the more practical buys we will need to make.

I would really like a Mooka breast pump (called a Haka overseas). I have done a lot of research and this is where I think I want to go.

I would also like the Snuggletime baby nest. I have stood in Baby City for ages eyeing it and debating if I should buy it. I will eventually.

Then I’d like a baby wrap. We have the Ergo, but I struggled with it when Willow was tiny. I know I’ll need my hands free a lot in the early days so one of those fabric wraps is something I’d like to try.

From a super practical side, I would like a PVC or vinyl changing mat and a nappy caddy for our upstairs changing area. The changing mat we had with Willow is long gone and needs to be replaced.

I think we need new sheets for the camp cot as well. The ones we have are quite stained.

A fluffy blanket – We got the most beautiful blanker for Willow from Phoebe and Floyd which she still uses to this day. I think her sibling needs one as well.

Week 16


We had our most recent OB-GYN appointment and scan last week it was really great.

I had the appointment with the partner in my OB’s practice. She will be the standby doctor should mine be unable to attend the birth, so they like patients to meet and get to know each other before going into labour. I will have a few more appointments with her in the coming months as well. She was really sweet and I liked her straight away.

We had a chat about weight gain before going into the scan. I was a little concerned about how quickly the numbers on the scale seem to be climbing. She didn’t seem too concerned about it though and did a lot to put my mind at ease. I have a separate post coming so I won’t go too into it.

Then we had the scan and everything looked really good. We had the sex confirmed, in case you missed it, we’re having another girl! We also checked all the important stuff. Bubs has a really well-formed skull and spine, which is very good. The facial bones also look to be well formed although a thorough check for cleft palate will be done at 20 weeks. We saw very long legs, a well-defined diaphragm, ribs, a good looking stomach, good cord insertion with very good blood flow.

There was nothing the doctor was concerned about and all the measurements came back as being average or slightly above average. Just like Willow, this little one is measuring a full week ahead (I was 16w3d gestation and the baby was measuring 17w2d). We were given an estimated weight of 190g. We are all prepared for Bubs to come early like Willow did, around 38 weeks again. Now we just have to wait and see.


Unlike Willow, who was always stretching and reaching out, this one is all bundled up and curled up into a little ball. We got an incredibly sweet image of the baby with her little arms up around her face. In the ultrasound she was rubbing its nose.

Even though Bubs is all curled up, she is very busy and was constantly wiggling around. I have been feeling movement pretty consistently since around 15 weeks and get some very strong bops and lots of swishing, fish like feelings.

To end off the appointment we discussed our case of ABO incompatibility jaundice with Willow and the likelihood of it happening again. It was a very traumatic experience with Willow. We know that we will be spending time in the NICU again, but I’d like a shorter stay.

We don’t have all the answers, but we have time to do research and look into options.

How far along? 16 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Avocado

Total weight gain/measurements: I currently weigh about 56kg and am 85cm around, which is a big gain since my last appointment. But I have had a good talk with my doctor and she’s not concerned. I must just keep eating well and exercise.

Maternity clothes: I have added a few handmade items to my wardrobe and I love them.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet

Best moment this week: The scan for sure. It is always a highlight. I love hearing the heartbeat, seeing the Bubs, seeing how she’s grown and developed.

Miss anything? My super fast metabolism, I have always been really stable when it comes to weight. Gaining makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Movement: I have been feeling tons of movement. This little one is very strong. I get lots of little jabs and little swishy movements. A has also been able to feel some movement, but I have to lie very still and point out exactly where she is.

Food cravings:  I have to have tomatoes with pretty much everything. I am a woman obsessed. I particularly like Roma tomatoes. I have also been struggling with sweet cravings. I have no idea how to curb it.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really. I’ve had a few headaches that have been very uncomfortable

Exercise: This week I have tried my best. I had a good workout on Tuesday and a so-so one on Wednesday but managed to squeeze in a quick one on Thursday. This week has been a struggle as I have felt very lazy, but I always feel better when I get moving.

Gender: A girl!

Symptoms: I still get tired easily (to be fair I’ve been tired for about four years now), out of breath after small tasks, I have been in more pain this week from round ligament pain, back pain in the evening, and some pelvic girdle pain if I sit too long to very uncomfortable bloating in the evening, waking in the middle of the night, stuffy nose, always hungry and always thirsty.

Belly button in or out? In but getting flat

Wedding rings on or off? On and feeling a little loose

Happy or moody most of the time: I’ve been in a great mood this week, it helps that the construction in our home is finished and I have my house back. The bathrooms look great, I can water my plants, I got to see my baby. It’s been a good week.

Looking forward to: a calmer week now that all the construction in our home is sorted out. We still had people popping in and out last week to do odd jobs here and there. I also hope to get together with friends on the weekend.

First trimester health and workouts


Now that the first trimester is behind me and I’m starting to feel a lot better about life, in general, I find myself looking back on it and feeling really proud.

Even though I felt awful for 90% of it, I made much better choices than I did with my pregnancy with Willow. From that perspective, this baby has been easier on me. Even though I felt sick, I never really had food aversions aside from coffee, tomatoes, and cauliflower. Everything else I was able to eat and I craved water so I drank a lot of it. With Willow, I had major food aversions, particularly to meat in any shape or form and strong smelling/tasting veggies like broccoli and courgettes. It was so bad that on more than one occasion I wouldn’t let A cook it in the house. It lasted pretty much my whole pregnancy.

I was also able to work out a lot more this time than I did with Willow. I found myself doing quite a few workout sessions and taking long walks. They went a long way towards helping me feel better.

I also found I wasn’t as tired this pregnancy. With Willow all I wanted to do was sleep, but this time I just wanted to puke. It’s amazing how pregnancies can be so different. The neighborhood I live in is quite hilly and getting out into the crisp air and getting my heart rate going was great for clearing my head and keeping nausea at bay for a short while.

I tried to make sure I was doing some kind of squats workout at least three times a week. I particularly liked Lucy Wyndham Reed’s First Trimester Workout which always made me sweat and feel like I had worked hard. I also liked this workout I found on Pinterest.


So far the second trimester has proved more challenging. I am hungry all the time now and am starting to experience cravings. I try to make healthy choices, but I’m not perfect. I have found myself to be sticking to the workouts on a pretty regular basis which I am super happy about. I guess I just need to try to be more consistent about it.