The month that was: October 2018


Another whirlwind of a month has come and gone. I have to say I’m rather looking forward to November. Not only will be closer to meeting this baby but I have some much-needed downtime lined up and I can’t wait!

October kicked off with a bit of a babymoon staycation for A and myself. Willow went to spend a week with her grandparents and even though we just stayed at home because we had to work, it felt like a mini holiday. I didn’t do any cooking or cleaning and we took our opportunity to chill and go to bed really early!

Things kicked into high gear again when she got home though. We had our 4D scan and I was able to take Willow to with me, which was a lovely experience. She so enjoyed it and still talks about how the baby was playing peekaboo with her.

The very next day was our 32 week Dr appointment. Bubs is still growing well and was measuring a week ahead, which made me very happy. But we also discovered that she was already fully engaged and my Dr feels strongly that she will probably be early like her sister. Needless to say, I got the hospital bags all packed as soon as I could, just to be prepared. We go back to the Dr in early November and we will hopefully get more clarity at that appointment.

Meanwhile, I have reached the exhausting tail end of pregnancy. Each week I can’t fathom how I can get any bigger and then I do. It’s pretty amazing what the body is capable of. Bubs lying so low has brought on a lot of lower back and hip pain. Sleeping especially is a struggle. Lying too long on my side causes immense pressure in my hips. I have also got a pretty significant waddle when I walk. I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs. Oh and let’s not forget the lightning crotch. I remember this from Willow and it is the least pleasant thing I can imagine. I have also noticed an uptick in Braxton Hicks contractions which border on painful sometimes. And Bubs is running out of space so her movements can be quite painful too. I’m definitely reaching the end of my tether here. Although I want her to be as healthy and as ready as possible I feel pretty ready for her to come now.

We managed to fit in one last trip to see out parents in the Lowveld before I was put on a travel ban. I will admit I was a bit nervous after my Dr’s appointment, but it all went very smoothly. The trip coincided with A’s parent’s 40th wedding anniversary and they had a big party. We got to take some of our friends with us and my parents were able to join in so we had a great time with everyone who is important to us.

October is also my birthday month and this year we just had a quiet celebration at home. Our friends came round for a picnic while we had an epic thunderstorm outside. The kids trashed the house and we got to chat, laugh and eat to excess. It was brilliant. The next day (my actual birthday) I got to go fabric shopping with my best friend while A watched Willow and then we spent the rest of the day on the couch watching movies. A perfect weekend in my opinion.

Over the last weekend in October I was treated to a small baby shower. It was lovely that people took the time to think of me and Bubs and we had a wonderful afternoon at home. I have become a real homebody during the end of this pregnancy so it was really nice to have the chance to spend time in my space with my people.

In amongst all of this activity, I have been working hard to get everything at work all wrapped up. As it now stands I have two weeks of work left before I go on annual leave which will roll over into my maternity leave. I am more than ready for a break. Even just a few days at home to catch my breath before Bubs comes sounds like heaven!

 I hope you all have a good November!

Sewing – I haven’t done much sewing this month. I have just had no energy or enthusiasm. I made Willow a tank top earlier on in the month, but I still haven’t hemmed it. It’s made from a knit and at this point I think I’ll say the raw edge is a style choice. I have picked up my knitting again because I can do that while lying in bed or on the couch.

Cooking – Again cooking has been as simplistic as possible. I haven’t felt much like eating lately and I cook simply because the rest of the family needs to eat. To be fair, cooking really means throwing something into the oven and making a salad.

Drinking – A lot of water. I’m always thirsty!

Hoping – to make it to 37 weeks at least with this pregnancy. My original goal was 38 weeks, maybe we’ll still get there. I am pretty much ready to be done now though.

Loving – All the love we have been receiving. I got thoroughly spoiled both for my birthday and for my baby sprinkle.

Hating – the feeling of intense pressure in my hips that I get if I lie on one side too long, and also running out of steam during the day. I get tired so easily.

Buying – We bought the last few baby things we felt we needed when we got to go to a baby expo this month. I now feel like we’re all set for her to make her arrival.

Watching – This month A and I discovered the Good Doctor and we’ve really been enjoying it. It’s a nice show to watch in the evenings after Willow goes to bed.

Sporting – unruly hair and a pregnancy glow. I must say that I really do appreciate how good my skin looks at the moment. Its one of the few perks of late pregnancy. My hair is out of control though. I need a cut!

Laughing – at myself trying to roll over in bed. I resemble a turtle stuck on its back

Admiring – my beautiful to do lists that this are about 90% done. It’s a good feeling to set goals for yourself and an even better feeling to mark of the accomplished tasks. I will be all done with work in the next two weeks. *gives self a high five*

Thinking – about how awesome it’s going to be to have a few days at home to relax. I cannot wait to be done with work for the year. I did plan to work up to the 11th hour, but I have come to realise that I just need to rest up a bit before Bubs comes.

Planning – What we’re going to do when I go into labour and the first week after the baby arrives. At the moment the plan is that when I see my Dr over the next few appointments if she sees signs of labour coming on she will start it for me. Willow was an exceptionally fast birth and second babies tend to be faster, my Dr wants me in a controlled environment when it happens. If that’s the way it goes then Willow will still be in school for the majority of it and a friend of mine will collect her and keep her until A can go fetch her. This option is a lot more comfortable for me. But I do have a backup plan in case I go into labour in the middle of the night.

Baby H #2: 35 weeks


As I sit here writing this I have been struck down with a head cold. Let me tell you, this sucks. I could be very descriptive about how much it sucks, but I’m too polite to put that ish down in writing.

But let me put it this way: It’s the middle of a heat wave here, I can’t breathe because I am seriously congested, but at the same time my nose is seriously runny. I look like a sick Victorian child who won’t make it through the winter. I have an annoying cough and I’m tired because not only do I have to get up 10 times a night to pee, but now I can add not being able to breathe to the list. Take my advice and avoid getting sick in the third trimester at all costs!

We have also been a one car family this week as mine has been getting repairs done. This is not ideal as A and I work on complete opposite ends of the city, but somehow we’ve managed to make it work. I have just been praying super hard that I don’t go into labour before my car is sorted.

Other than that this week has been marked by plenty of painful Braxton Hicks, especially in the afternoons and evenings, nothing timeable, but they are always accompanied by period-like cramps and I have had to breathe through them a time or two. I have also had tons of lightning crotch and have been just generally exhausted and grumpy.

On a positive note, next week is my last week at work and then I’m on leave! I’m seriously looking forward to some down time.

How far along? 35 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Honeydew melon

 Total weight gain/measurements: 66.5kg. Still gaining 500g per week

 Stretch marks: Nothing yet

 Best moment this week: I’m struggling to pin down a moment. Last week was hard and I felt like I was waiting for it to end since Tuesday. I had a moment of extreme disappointment when I woke up on Friday morning only to realise it was Thursday…

 Miss anything? Being healthy. I’m over this cold.

Movement: Bubs was moving regularly but not as vigorously as she normally does. I’m pretty sure it’s because I haven’t been as active this week myself. But whenever I’ve done kick counts she’s been well within the movement recommendations

Food cravings: I haven’t really wanted to eat. I’ve been too sick and too hot.

Exercise: I have not been great at exercise this week, but I have had an awful head cold, so I’m cutting myself some slack. I did manage to squeeze a toning workout in at the end of the week and that’s just going to have to be good enough.

Gender: A girl!

 Symptoms: I have been getting a lot of crampy, achy, lower abdominal pain and lower back pain lately. I’m not sure if its a result of sitting a lot more than I usually do as I’ve been ill. My energy levels have been seriously low this week and I have been very irritable. My Braxton hicks contractions seem to be remaining the same though. I have also seen a lot of swelling in the heatwave we’ve had, especially my feet, but I’ve noticed in my hands as well. I still get hip pain at the end of the day and pressure in my hips at night. I have also felt like I’m being burned alive in this heat. I had forgotten just how hot you get during a summer pregnancy. Oh and let’s not forget the lightning crotch.

Belly button in or out? It has officially popped.

Wedding rings on or off? Completely off and replaced with one in a larger size

 Happy or moody most of the time: I admit I have been moody AF this week. Being this far along and sick is not something I would recommend. I would get through my energy reserves pretty quickly and then get super snippy with everyone. Sorry family.

 Looking forward to: We have our 36 week appointment next week. I’m hoping that we will get more clarity one what may happen the following week. As the 15th is close approaching. Also last week is my last week in the office. I will be on leave from Friday!


Baby H #2: 34 weeks


This week went by a lot quicker than previous weeks and for that I’m really grateful!

For some reason up until now time seemed to be moving at snail pace, so a quick moving and productive week was a refreshing change. I am so close to wrapping up my to do list at work. I will be really glad when it’s all done! That vacation time is dangling like a carrot in front of me.

I do admit that I feel slightly anxious at the moment. I have been experiencing a few labour signs that have my mind a bit on edge. Firstly, I feel it’s too early for Bubs to come now, she needs those extra three weeks! I also need those three weeks, I have stuff to do. Even though we’re ready for her in terms of the state of our home, family etc. I just need a her to stay put a little longer so I can wrap everything up in a neat little bow.

But each stab of lightening crotch, each twinge of hip and back pain, each trip to the loo makes me more and more anxious. I feel the clock ticking…

Speaking of lightning crotch, that delightful symptom is back in full force. I can usually tell when it’s been caused by the baby. She will give and enormous roll or stretch and I will feel like I’ve been tazered from the inside. It’s lovely (sarcasm). I remember it vividly from my previous pregnancy and it was the one symptom that pregnancy amnesia never dulled for me. Once you’ve felt lightning crotch you will never forget it! I get the odd stab during the day when Bubs hasn’t moved at all and I have the feeling that may be cervical change. I won’t really know until I see my Dr again.

I had a short reprieve from the hip pain for a few days, but its back in force now and feels worse than ever. I am really struggling to walk these days. I look like a cowboy just home from the range. I feel terribly bow-legged and wobbly.

I’m also seriously starting to run out of steam. I’m slower, heavier and just terribly unenthusiastic. I feel super emotional all the time. I can barely make it to 8pm most nights without wanting to cry I’m so tired. The final days of pregnancy are such fun.

Wow, I have moaned my way through this whole post. It’s definitely time to wrap things up.

How far along? 34 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Honeydew melon

 Total weight gain/measurements: 66kg and counting. I seem to be steadily gaining 500g per week

 Stretch marks: Nothing yet

 Best moment this week: I was surprised by a wonderful baby sprinkle this weekend. It was so special that people thought about Bubs and I. A few people who couldn’t join us still sent a gift through mutual friends and it was a lovely afternoon spend chatting and laughing.

 Miss anything? Being a stable, non-emotional human being. But it will still be a long time till I’m back there.

Movement: Bubs has been so busy this week. She’s makes me anxious when she doesn’t move so having her be super busy is definitely how I prefer it.

Food cravings: I wanted a coke so badly the other day I could have cried. I have been trying to hold strong against that craving, but I may end up giving in.

Exercise: I wasn’t brilliant with my workouts this week, but also I wasn’t too bad. I got in two good walks and a strength workout. If I can stick to three workouts a week until the end I will be super happy.

Gender: A girl!

 Symptoms: My long list remains the same with the inclusion of lightning crotch. I have also felt really crampy with lots of back and hip pain these past few days. Turn away now form TMI I have had some unpleasant symptoms this week too: (increased discharge and an ‘upset stomach’)

Belly button in or out? It has officially popped.

 Wedding rings on or off? Completely off and replaced with one in a larger size

 Happy or moody most of the time: I was very up and down this week. I had moments of being super happy and then moments of being really sad. I think the exhaustion is messing with my brain.

 Looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting the last two weeks of work behind me and hopefully having a few days to catch my breath a bit before Bubs comes. My last day of work is the 9th of November. I also have a dr’s appointment on the 8th to look forward to.



Baby H #2: 33 weeks


I started this week out really struggling with weekend hangover. It was such a busy weekend with two four-hour road trips and a huge family and friends gathering that I felt really worn out come Monday morning. I feel like it took me the whole week to recover!

Feeling like a zombie was a trial as I had so much on my late last week.  I have been working furiously at work to get everything ready for while I’m away. I am slowly but surely starting to conquer the to-do list and to be honest, I’m very impressed with how productive I was last week, but it was not easy! I have also packed my hospital and labour bags, I have packed the baby’s bag, I have filled out my UIF forms, I have finalised my leave with my boss. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

With the prospect of having this baby on the 15th on November looming over me I came to the realisation that the idea of going from work straight to my appointment and then possible being admitted to the hospital to give birth was a little soul destroying. I have some leave owing to me, so I have moved up when I will start my leave. I just need a little bit of breathing room and time at home to relax before she comes. So the 9th of November will be my last day before I start my annual leave and my maternity leave will start as planned in December.

A and I have a few chores to do at home to prepare for her arrival, but really these are not essentials. If we get to them, we get to them. If not, it’s not the end of the world. We’re pretty much just waiting for her to get here and I am more than ready! Having a baby camping in your pelvis is not a comfortable experience.

I have a serious waddle going on and the back and hip pain have become daily struggles. I’m battling to get through the most basic of workouts right now. I also feel huge and have been having more Braxton Hick’s contractions each day. I am also running to the loo what feels like every five minutes, so she has definitely dropped. On the other hand I have had some really great sleep lately, aside from very early waking times (but I have been falling asleep at 9pm every night). Other than that I haven’t seen any other labour signs. I’m not too concerned, but I’m keeping an eye on things just in case.

I just have a few more loose ends to wrap up, but I feel very in control of everything right now. I am very much looking forward to going on leave though.

How far along? 33 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Pineapple

 Total weight gain/measurements: Still keeping with my given target. I’m now at 65.5kg

 Stretch marks: Nothing yet

 Best moment this week: It was a birthday on the weekend and I got to spend it with friends on Saturday and was able to go on an epic fabric shopping trip on Sunday.

 Miss anything? Being able to walk normally

Movement: Bubs is still quite busy, but not nearly as acrobatic. She is too low and too cramped for major shenanigans.

Food cravings: I can’t say I have craved anything specific this week. But a lot of my food choices haven’t been great based on sheer lack of energy to make the healthy choice.

Exercise: I did manage to do two strength sessions and a good walk this week and I’m proud of that. I feel very heavy, cumbersome and tired. Working up the motivation right now is hard!

Gender: A girl!

 Symptoms: I still have a lot of the symptoms I have mentioned previously – pregnancy rhinitis is the most annoying because I have had a blocked/runny nose for nine months. I also have dry, itchy eyes, dry, itchy skin, back and hip pain, the need to run for the loo constantly, fatigue, bouts of indigestion, nausea etc. But it is what it is and I just get on with things. To be fair, aside from the blocked nose I sometimes don’t notice the other symptoms.

Belly button in or out? It has officially popped.

 Wedding rings on or off? Completely off and replaced with one in a larger size

 Happy or moody most of the time: I was pretty irritable last week because I was so tired. Aside from the weekend. I had a great weekend.

 Looking forward to: I have a few things I’m looking forward to. I’m seeing my mom on the weekend, we have a dr’s appointment in just over two weeks and then I go on leave. I have a lot of work to do between now and then, but I am looking forward to wrapping things up.


Baby H #2: 32 weeks


This week I have been feeling every one of my 32 weeks.

I’m not sure what happened, I was going really well. Then all of a sudden I hit this wall and I was struck with some serious grumpiness. I feel heavy, swollen, cumbersome and uncomfortable. I’m struggling to eat, I’m congested, I’m tired, I’m itchy, I’m emotional, I’m cranky, my hips are killing me. Maybe I’m coming down with something? Maybe I’m 8 months pregnant and over it? Whatever the reason, I’m reaching my limit.

We had our 32-week appointment and our 4D scan this week, which were both highlights. A wasn’t able to join us at the 4D scan, but I took Willow with me and it was such a lovely experience. I remember loving this scan when I was pregnant with Willow as well, but having Willow there just added to everything. I wrote a whole post about it if you’re interested. She is still talking about it a week later so I think it really made an impression on her.

Our 32-week appointment with my OB was the next day. It all started pretty standardly with my blood pressure being taken and my weight jotted down. My Dr also had a chat with us about how babies come in their own time and we must try to be patient.

Then she asked me how I was doing otherwise and I told her about my hips. She decided to see if she could find out where Bubs is positioned and it turns out she is already fully engaged in my pelvis. She is so low and that is what’s causing the pressure in my hips, my extreme waddle and the increase in the lightning crotch. Second children don’t usually engage this early from what I have been told.

While my Dr is not too concerned about preterm labour because I’m showing no other labour signs, we are concerned that when Bubs does decide to come that she will come very quickly. As a result, I have been told to try and stick close to home if possible (we live very close to our hospital).

I’ll go to my 36-week appointment as scheduled on November 6, but my appointment on the 20th has been moved up to the 15th. My Dr said if she sees any signs that I am ready to have the baby she’ll admit me on the same day. So theoretically we could be meeting this little girl in exactly a month from today. That’s just wild!

How far along? 32 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Kale stem

 Total weight gain/measurements: I seem to be gaining the textbook 500g a week. So that’s good. 65kg according to my scale at home.

 Stretch marks: Nothing yet

 Best moment this week: Taking Willow with me to the 4D scan. It was so sweet to see her reaction and how she soaked up everything she was shown. She’s very excited to be a big sister. We also went on our last visit to the Lowveld to see out families before Bubs arrives and we were lucky enough to attend A’s parents 40th wedding anniversary with our close friends and families. It was a lovely weekend.

 Miss anything? Being able to sit through a car journey without Braxton Hicks contractions and needing to pee every 10 minutes.

Movement: Bubs gave me a scare over the weekend. I think she changed positions again and her movements didn’t seem to be as much or as vigorous as usual. I did a few kick counts however and she was all good. I think what got to me was that I was having some serious Braxton Hicks contractions that were coming every 10 minutes or so. I confined myself to the couch with lots of water to see if they would go away and they did. At one point there I was convinced was had to go to the hospital though.

Food cravings: I have wanted everything ice cold this week. I have really enjoyed cold fruits, especially if they’re tart like pineapple, grapes and strawberries. A big thing this week though has been not wanting to eat. My desire for food seems to be waning. I often open the fridge and then close it again because nothing appeals.

Exercise: I started out pretty well. I have had to shorten my workouts because I’m struggling with the pace right now. But I’m proud to have gotten in a few this week; especially since I have had some pretty bad hip pain. I got in a quick strength circuit each morning and two walks. It was great to be out in the sunshine, listening to music, enjoying the good weather. It’s good for my spirits if nothing else.

Gender: A girl!

 Symptoms: Don’t get me started on symptoms. I have a laundry list of things to complain about. The pregnancy rhinitis is getting out of hand now, especially in the mornings and evenings. I have also been so fatigued and have started getting headaches again. I get heartburn on pretty regular occasions, especially after large meals, I’m up all night to go to the loo, I can’t sleep because of the hip pain. It’s all my body reminding me to slow down which I am trying to make an effort to do.

Belly button in or out? It depends on how Bubs is lying.

 Wedding rings on or off? Completely off. But my gorgeous push present from A arrived and it fits perfectly. So I’m wearing that in place of my wedding ring.

 Happy or moody most of the time: I feel I’ve been happy most of the time.

 Looking forward to: It’s my birthday on the weekend! I’m ushering in 32 with a brunch or lunch with my friends. It will be a pretty quiet affair, but I love birthdays so I don’t care.


Our 4D scan


One of the things I have looked forward to most in my pregnancies has been the 4D scan.

It was the most incredible experience with Willow and I felt that she looked exactly like that when she was born. It really helped me to see her and connect even more with her.

This time around I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Willow to connect with her baby sister. Willow is already pretty possessive of the baby and calls her ‘my baby’ which is stinking cute. She is also always telling us what she and the baby are going to do together when the baby gets here. So I figured this was the perfect opportunity for Willow to see what was going on.

I fetched her early from school and we headed off to the hospital. It dawned on me that this was also the perfect opportunity to explain to her that this is where mommy would come when it was time to have the baby and that Daddy would bring her here to see me. She took it all in with huge eyes, but the highlight was being able to press the button for the elevator (oh to be three and so easily entertained).

The Sister who administered the scan was lovely and she really explained to Willow what was happening and showed her things she thought Willow would be interested in. We found her hands and counted her fingers, we pointed out her long legs and how she was all curled up.

Bubs was not really cooperating as usual. We struggled to get a clear shot of her face. She kept hiding behind her hands or squishing her face into the placenta. We did get one good shot though.

By far willow’s favourite part was listening to the heartbeat. She asked the Sister to play it over again and again. I eventually took a video recording of it so she could listen to it at home as well. I found that fascinating.

What I loved about having Willow at this scan with me was that it wasn’t a medical scan. We weren’t checking to see if Bubs was alright and growing well. This allowed us to really enjoy it and to soak up Willow’s reaction to everything. Willow was able to sit on the bed with me and she got her own picture printed so she could keep it in her room. It was so sweet and well handled. I highly recommend moms with older children taking them to a 4D scan.

Baby H#2: 31 weeks


Now that September is over I am in full-blown maternity leave preparation mode at work. It dawned on me that in all likelihood I will have a baby next month!

We’ve had a few really productive meetings that have allowed me to draw up a schedule so I can get as much stuff done in advance as possible. Until now it has been a source of stress, but I feel a lot calmer now that I am once again checking things off my list. I feel a lot more proactive and productive.

This week was really quiet as A and I had a bit of a babymoon staycation. It was school holidays so Willow went to visit her grandparents and spent the week with them. It was a bit bittersweet. The weekend was lovely – it was our anniversary and we got to spend the day together. We went out for a great breakfast then headed to a baby show and got a few things that we needed, then we got home early, watched some series and relaxed before going out to dinner with some close friends.

Come Sunday, however, I was really missing my munchkin. Sundays are usually our chill days at home and I really missed the early morning snuggles. But I did do something I haven’t done in years – I read an entire book in one day. It was pretty epic. I just picked a book at random and didn’t really put it down till it was done. It’s the little things you know.

The week itself was quiet. A and I both had to work but we had quiet evenings at home and it was nice to not be running from pillar to post every day, I forgot how much more relaxed it is when you’re not looking after a little one as well. I got in some really good sleep and I feel a lot better for it.

But I won’t lie I was very happy when we went to fetch Willow on the weekend. It was also very gratifying to see how excited she was to see us. Now it’s time to get back into the routine of things.

This coming week is a big one for us. We have our 4D scan on Tuesday. I have been really looking forward to this. It was such an awesome experience when we were expecting Willow. I plan to take Willow with us and I’m equal parts excited and nervous about her reaction. We also have our 32-week appointment on Wednesday and they are spending the weekend away. This is the last time I will be travelling before the baby comes I think. I can really feel how I’m slowing down and such long distances spent in the car are much harder now.

How far along? 31 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Coconut. She is supposed to be 1.5kg, I’m looking forward to seeing what her weight is at our next appointment.

 Total weight gain/measurements: currently 64.5kg and 94cm around

 Stretch marks: Still holding strong. I am currently using the Palmer’s CocoButter Belly Balm at the moment and I really like it. I used it when pregnant with Willow as well.

 Best moment this week: A and I getting to spend our 6th wedding anniversary together child free. It was such a nice day

 Miss anything? Even though it was awesome to have a break this week, I really missed my munchkin all week. I’m glad to have her back home

Movement: Bubs has been moving a lot. Her movements have changed, but she definitely lets me know she’s there. We’ve reached that stage where I look like I’m in a sci-fi movie with the way my stomach moves.

Food cravings: I didn’t really experience many cravings this week, but I can’t say I was eating my healthiest either. We really relaxed the rules a lot not having Willow at home. It’s amazing how having a child in the house keeps you on the straight and narrow when it comes to healthy food.

Exercise: I really took advantage of not having to do school drop off and pick up to get some good workouts in.

Gender: A girl!

 Symptoms: I had a few issues this week which were entirely self inflicted such as a little dehydration and heartburn – which result from me not eating as well as I usually do. I am still struggling a lot with dry, itchy skin and it’s not just confined to my belly and boobs, it’s pretty much everywhere. But as mentioned I got some good sleep. The one downside of the good sleep is that spending too much time on one side results in a lot of pressure on my hips. This have given me some really intense hip pain. For a few hours after getting up in the morning I struggle to walk.

Belly button in or out? It looks like it’s trying to pop, but it hasn’t yet.

 Wedding rings on or off? It depends on the day. But I have had to take them off more and more as the days go by. In order to keep them safe I have taken them off and stashed them in my jewellery box. I am currently wearing one of my cheaper rings that’s always been a bit big for me.

 Happy or moody most of the time: I think I was mostly happy this week, but I won’t lie I did have a few crying spells.

 Looking forward to: Seeing the Dr and having our 4D scan. I’m taking Willow with me and I am looking forward to her reaction. She’s been asking to see the baby on the camera for a while now. Then on the weekend we’re taking our final trip to the Lowveld before the baby comes. Another busy week.


The month that was: September 2018


I’m a little shell-shocked that September is over already.

This was another busy month that just seemed to fly by for us. Why is it that spring always seems like a rollercoaster ride?

My Dr’s appointments are getting earlier and earlier in the month as the weeks go by. So early September saw me bidding farewell to my second trimester and ushering in the third with another visit to the doctor. We were very happy with the progress that was made over the previous month. Bubs put in a lot of growing and I’m so pleased. The check-up was very thorough because they wanted to check all her growth points and blood flow. Everything came back as perfectly normal – the best words you can here as a mom.

We also had the fun that is Willow’s School concert. They have been preparing for it for ages and I had been so looking forward to it. The theme was A Night at the Movies and Willow’s class got Trolls. They sang and danced to Can’t Stop the Feeling and September by Earth, Wind and Fire. It was too adorable. Willow is such a little performer. When she spotted where we were sitting she rearranged her position on the stage so she was standing in the middle and she had all her dance moves down. She has been singing it around the house for months now and I die from cuteness every time.


Sewing – I kept the sewing list pretty conservative this month with just a handful of makes for myself. I wanted to make a few maternity/nursing tops and dresses and I got through the majority of it. I made a Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress with some maternity adjustments, a Hey June Handmade Phoenix Blouse, also with some maternity adjustments. I also made a Megan Nielsen Amber Maternity and Nursing Top, a blank Slate Tulip top and a Schwin and Scwin Hello Tank for Willow. Looking back on it now, I was pretty busy! It didn’t feel like it at all, these were all very simple easy to make projects that I found very satisfying.

Cooking – nothing I cooked has really stood out to me this month. We’ve still been eating a lot of simple meals consisting of a protein and salad. It is all my energy levels in the evening are up to really. I did make a delicious stir fry and some chicken fajitas though. Mostly all I want to eat is ice cold pineapple.

Drinking – A lot, and I do mean a lot, of water. Most days I find myself so thirsty! When I was pregnant with Willow I only wanted orange juice, this time I find it difficult to drink anything but water. I love it straight out the tap, ice cold from the fridge and of course, sparkling.


Hoping – to start wrapping up my monster to do list at work. I have about 8 work weeks left before I go on maternity leave and there are a lot of loose ends that are stressing me out a bit. But I am slowly but surely wading my way through the list. We had a strategy meeting the other day and I feel better having a plan in place. Seeing check marks on a to-do list is very satisfying.

Loving – All the kicks and jabs from Bubs. She has turned and is now lying head down, so her movements are different. But she is very busy. I won’t lie sometimes the kicks can be quite painful. She loves to stick her knee in the same spot over and over again. But mostly I find it highly entertaining. My stomach is starting to look alien-like when she is having a particularly vigorous stretch. It’s one of the best parts of pregnancy and what I miss the most after the baby comes.


Hating – feeling tired and lethargic. I’m usually an on-the-go type person and I have been struggling a bit with the third-trimester fatigue. I manage to muddle along during the day and exercise definitely helps, but I’m usually asleep by 9pm most days.

Buying – I have been stocking up on a few things to wear postpartum, particularly in the hospital. I have turned to my old faithful favourite shop – Pick n Pay Clothing and so far is it serving me well. I have a few pairs of comfy pants and shorts to wear both in the hospital and around the house once Bubs comes. The goal is to feel like I’m wearing pyjamas without looking like I am. I would love to go fabric shopping, but I’m not feeling inspired to make things right now and am busy working through my stash.


Watching – This month I have been all about season 10 of MasterChef Australia. I love this show! This season has been so good!

Sporting – Broader hips and a stellar waddle. Not surprising really given that I am almost 8 months pregnant. But it’s weird for me to have hips. My standard body type is quite straight with few curves. I’m what you would call ‘boyish’. But these days my hips have definitely spread and I am waddling into the last days of pregnancy like a champ.

Laughing – at myself mostly. I have reached the stage where I do nothing without sound effects, I often leave things on the floor when they drop and I officially can’t see my toes. The final days of pregnancy are fun.


Admiring – my ‘Push Present’ from A. I know what it is because 1.) I chose the colour and stone and 2.) we needed to measure my fingers to get the correct size. He got me this gorgeous ring from Janine Binneman who is a Cape Town based jeweller. I saw this on Instagram and immediately fell in love with it. When I found out what the stones were it took on even more meaning. It is made with garnets, citrine, tourmaline and topaz – the birthstones of everyone in my little family. I can’t wait for it to arrive, but I think it will be a while until my fingers are in any state to wear it #swollen

Thinking – about how little time we have left until our little girl arrives. I have probably said this every month, but as the countdown winds down it gets more and more ‘real’ if you know what I mean.

Planning – my work schedule so that I’m not really ‘missed’ while on maternity leave

Needing – to get all my ducks in a row. I am starting to feel that urge to prepare. I want to set up the baby’s stuff, buy all the things, tick things off the list. Until now I thought I had everything handled. I have been doing little bits here and there. Now all of a sudden I feel totally unprepared. I think it’s the uncertainty that comes with not knowing exactly when you will have the baby. It drives me nuts.



Justine’s A FirmTime Reversal Skin Renewal Over Night Peel. This is a chemical exfoliant that gives the most beautiful immediate results. I had an issue with dry flaky skin for a while there, but using this stuff sorted it out in a snap. You simply put it on after cleansing and go to bed. The next day your skin looks amazing. I love this stuff.


Mixa Body Lotion for Dry Sensitive Skin with Oat Milk. One of my pregnancy side effects has been dry, itchy skin on my body. I have really struggled to find something that is hydrating and soothing but doesn’t leave me feeling too sticky in the heat we have been having. This stuff fits the bill perfectly. I also love the pump dispenser and it was super affordable.


Justine A-Frim Intensive Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream. I have long been an eye cream convert. I really think it makes a huge difference when you moisturise the delicate eye area with the correct tools for the job. The third trimester of pregnancy means you don’t get great sleep, but this eye cream goes a long way in reducing puffiness, the appearance of dark circles and the fine lines and crepey look I get under my eyes due to tiredness and dehydration. I really feel I look more away and my make up goes on a lot better when I use this regularly.

Baby H #2: 30 weeks


And just like that its good bye 20s and hello 30s. This pregnancy feels to be both crawling by and flying past at lightning speed.

It occurred to me when I woke up on Sunday morning (my roll over date) that if this pregnancy follows Willow’s timeline then I have eight weeks left!

With Willow I had spent weeks preparing myself for the fact that most first time moms go past their due dates. When I woke up on the morning I went into labour I really thought nothing of it. I convinced A to take me out because I was dying of boredom. As the day progressed however it became clear that that was the day. Willow was born exactly at 38 weeks.

When I first saw my OB Gyn at the beginning of this pregnancy she told me that due to my size (I’m on the taller side, but have a very small frame) and my history, we all need to be prepared for Bubs to make her appearance at a similar time, although it is still possible that I could go over.

Add to that the fact that I’m showing signs of a mature placenta and I have a feeling I may not see the end of November pregnant. I’ve been told to be on baby watch from November 17. For some reason my brain has latched onto November 18th as D day. If that comes to pass I’m totally claiming mother’s intuition. But I’m not sure if it’s not because that was the timeline we followed with Willow. But as we all know each baby is different and will come when they come. So I’m trying not to put all my eggs in one basket.

For now, nothing has really changed much as side from my ever expanding girth. 30 weeks has always been significant in my head because it signifies the final stretch of pregnancy. This is when the aches and pains and tiredness start to settle in again for me.

How far along? 30 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Apparently she is now the size of a cabbage

 Total weight gain/measurements: I am up by a total of 12kilos so far for this pregnancy. I was right not to take the scale at face value last week. After a chilled week at home with my feet up whenever I could and a few good workouts it is now telling a very different story. I think 64kg sounds a hell of a lot better than last weeks’ number so I’ve logged it. I am also measuring 94 cm around now.

Stretch marks: No nothing yet. My stomach and boobs are incredibly veiny though and I’m starting to see the faintest hints of the linea nigra

Best moment this week: We had a long weekend in South Africa and boy did I need it. It was both chilled and productive. I managed to sort out Willow’s cupboard, A did a few chores for me in the garden so I was able to get stuck in and tidy up there a bit. He also fixed a light for me, we got rid of a whole lot of clutter and we sorted out an issue with the shower head in the bathroom. Other than that we just chilled. I finished sewing a nursing top, I played with Willow, we watched movies and napped. It was lovely.

Miss anything? My energy. I feel like I’m constantly tired.

Movement: She has been quite busy, especially over the weekend.

Food cravings: I have noticed that I can’t eat as much as I used to without feeling nauseous and if I don’t eat on time I feel nauseous too. So that’s fun. This week I have wanted sweet things I think it’s my body’s way of trying to recoup some energy. I have been very lucky that this pregnancy has been marked by mostly healthy cravings.

Exercise: It was ok. I went on a long walk and did a strength session, but it could have been better.

Gender: A girl!

Symptoms: I have developed really sore nipples this week. Like beyond first trimester sore. I’m not sure what’s up with that but it kills. I’m also a lot achier in general. My hips get really sore in the night and that keeps me up quite a bit. I’m most definitely waddling these days and a lot of people have commented on how strange it is to see me with hips (my build is usually quite narrow). I am also getting those electrical shocks when Bubs decides to head butt my cervix as well as some pretty intense round ligament pain.

Belly button in or out? Completely flat and weird looking

Wedding rings on or off? On but down to two

Happy or moody most of the time: I was generally quite happy I feel

Looking forward to: We have a babymoon staycation this week because Willow is visiting her grandparents. It’s so strange not to have her in the house, but I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to some down time and a few good night’s sleep (relatively speaking)


Our sixth anniversary


This weekend A and I will be celebrating six years of marriage. Time really does flies when you’re having fun, building a life together and trying to raise kids!

I have always felt like I appreciated and valued A and the role he plays in my life. Don’t get me wrong there are still days when he drives me nuts, but show me a relationship that doesn’t have its issues.

This year has brought forth a whole new dimension of love and appreciation. I thought I couldn’t love him more than I did when we got married, then I saw him with his daughter. Then I thought that was it, it can’t get bigger than this, but again this year proved me wrong and I am looking forward to being proved wrong again next year.

I completely underestimated the toll it would take on me to be pregnant and have a preschooler. There were many moments this year that I was convinced I could not cope. I have been swept up in the hormonal whirlwind that is pregnancy complete with mom guilt and some heavy emotions to work through, not to mention being put through the runner physically. Through it all, A has been the steady, grounding force that has kept this family moving forward.

He has been my biggest supporter, the driving force when I felt like I couldn’t take another step. He has picked me up on the bad days, bolstered my spirits through my mom guilt and has laughed with me on the good days. What more can you ask for in a partner?

I am under no illusion that next year won’t be as crazy and intense as this year has been. This family is growing from three to four and with a new family member will come all sorts of new challenges and adventures. But the one thing I’m sure of is that together we’ll not only get through it, but we’ll also rock it.

So here we are. Fourteen years together, six years married, two cats and almost two kids later. Love you madly babe!